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Sleep Apnea | Snoring Treatment

Most people are familiar with snoring. More serious than snoring, sleep apnea is a moderate to severe sleep disorder where people reportedly stop breathing during sleep because of an airway blockage. Edmonton dentist, Dr. Molly Rodgers, is happy to offer free consultation to anyone concerned about their snoring or the snoring of a loved one. If, after thorough examination and health history, sleep apnea is suspected, Dr. Rodgers would refer you or your loved one for a Level 3 sleep test. When the test results come back positive for sleep apnea, trial of CPAP is always the first choice for treatment. For those who are not able to tolerate a CPAP or just snore and do not have sleep apnea, Dr. Rogers can custom fabricate an oral appliance. This custom-fitted appliance is effective for sleep apnea because it offers:

  • A snug, custom fit for just your mouth
  • Ideal jaw positioning for optimal air intake, regardless of sleep posture
  • A comfortable application (especially compared to the CPAP machine)
  • Tension is adjustable by your dental professional giving your custom trays
  • More adaptability

Sleep apnea maybe difficult to diagnose or address because it occurs during sleep. You should seek a free consultation with Edmonton dentist Dr. Rodgers if you know you or your loved ones experience (or if you suspect the following):

  • Loud snoring
  • Excessive daytime fatigue on a regular basis
  • High blood pressure
  • A dry mouth when you wake up
  • Regular difficulty concentrating
  • An observation of your breathing stopping during sleep

Sleep apnea is serious and can lead to compromised functions in your overall health. Our dental treatment serves more than just teeth. Discover peaceful relief and restful uninterrupted sleep free of snoring. Call our Edmonton dentist for your sleep apnea for snoring consultation today.

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