The festive season is here and we sure you are all set to enjoy the sweets and savories during the celebrations. And, enjoying the seasonal delicacies can be a delight for your teeth as well provided you maintain good oral hygiene. It feels terrible when your tooth starts aching and you discover a cavity that restricts you from feasting during the festivities. But, following these tips given by an Edmonton dentist you can keep your teeth healthy this holiday season:

  • Reduce Consumption of Candies

Christmas and New year are marked by a variety of sweet dishes and snacks. While it may be tempting to overeat, it is important that you control the consumption of the candies, cookies, cakes and all things sweet. Always remember to brush after eating any kind of candy and keep your sugar intake at a minimum if you are undergoing a dental treatment.

  • Avoid Nut-Cracking and Chewing on Hard Foods

Use a nutcracker and not your teeth to shell nuts. Using your tooth as a tool to break open gifts and packages can cause cracks and chips. Crunching on hard foods can further damage your enamel. It is also better to let the sweets dissolve in your mouth rather than grinding on them.

  • Be Cautious of Wine and Soda

Try to minimize the consumption of dark-colored drinks such as red wine, tea, and coffee as they can stain your teeth. If possible, use a straw while consuming such beverages to ward of any direct oral contact with the acid. This reduces the chances of damage from acidity and staining of your teeth.

  • Have more Turkey

Turkey is a holiday classic! Also, it is really good for your teeth. Turkey meat is a great source of proteins, phosphorus, and iron. These nutrients help your body fight tooth decay and keep your teeth strong and healthy.

  • Squeeze in Fruits and Vegetables in your Diet

While enjoying the sweet dishes, do not forget to dip into fruits and veggies. Broccoli and carrots are rich in vitamin-A that strengthen your enamel. Resort to fruits more often to satisfy your sweet cravings. Foods like celery, apple, and carrots can help in fortifying your teeth.

  • Brush and Floss

Healthy teeth and regular brushing and flossing go hand-in-hand. Brush your teeth twice a day and rinse your mouth with water for at least 15-20 seconds. This encourages the production of saliva and prevents the acid from attacking your teeth. Bleaching will also certainly brighten your teeth.

  • Chew Sugar-Free Gum

The very act of chewing gum triggers ten times the normal saliva production rate. Saliva is essential because it helps neutralize the acids before they can attack the teeth. Chewing gum at regular intervals keeps your teeth and gums strong and healthy.

It is important to keep these tips in mind to ensure your teeth remain healthy and white. Maintain good dental hygiene and remain high-spirited during this holiday season. You can also book an appointment with our in-house dentist in Edmonton to ensure your teeth are healthy and cavity free throughout the festivities.